Breastfeeding pads 'Boosters' bamboo

Washable breast milk pads, one-size, bamboo

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Our washable, high absorbing breastfeeding booster pads are made from three layers. Closest to the skin a soft and fluffy bamboo fleece that is warming and silky to the touch. The middle layer is a high absorbing material called Zorb™. The outer layer is also made from bamboo fleece. They are perfect as an added payer of breast milk pads when you have a lot of leakage, f ex during the night or in the beginning of starting to breastfeed. 

Combine with our Leak free breast milk pads for no leaking, or our Bamboo nursing pads for extra warmth.

The material Zorb™ is specially made in the US by the company Wazoodle Fabrics, and is commonly used as a middle layer in cloth nappies, due to its extremely high absorption abilities. Zorb™ absorbs 10 times its own weight in less than half a second. This is 20 times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Bamboo is a real super material, being naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Bamboo absorbs liquid 3-4 times faster than cotton, dries quickly and stays warm even when wet. Thanks to these amazing properties, bamboo stays fresh and odour free. The soft, round fibres are great for your and your baby's delicate skin.

The colourways Toffee and Black have a cream colour on the other side. The Cream colourway is cream on both sides. 

Available in one-size, 10cm in diameter.

Outer & inner layers: 50% bamboo, 30% polyester, 20% cotton
Middle layer: Zorb™ 50% viscose, 30% polyester, 20% cotton   

Wash at up to 60° if needed, but we normally recommend 30-40°, as this is more gentle on the fleece. Do not tumble dry. Wash before first use in 30° to increase absorption.

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