Perfect for you

Favourites selected to make you feel your very best. 

Whether you are having a bad day or a great day, whether you have an important meeting at work or having your best friends over for dinner, you want to feel and look your best. There are always those favourite pieces in your wardrobe that you go to because of how they make you feel when you put them on. They are like your best friends, who you can always rely on. Simply perfect for you.

“I can trust that by wearing a Love Milk garment
I will always feel naturally confident.”

Melinda, communication specialist and mother-of-three, Sweden

Selecting perfect favourites to build the optimum maternity wardrobe is a thoughtful process, taking into consideration what we call the “perfect formula”. Fit, design and versatility all need to work together to create a garment that will make you feel like the best version of you.

Formula is key:
Combining design, versatility and the perfect fit.

What is the perfect fit?

When a garment fits you perfectly you feel confident, comfortable and powerful. It enhances your favourite features and adds the optimum feel-good factor. You look like the best version of yourself. The perfect fit in a maternity garment demands even more; as your body transforms the perfect fit transforms with you.

What is good design?

A well designed garment includes the perfect details in just the right places, the best shade of the right colour, the right materials and a feeling of effortlessness. Design adds the features that you can’t always put your finger on, but that makes the garment your favourite.

What is a versatile garment?

The reason a garment becomes a favourite is becuase it always looks right. No matter the occasion or accessories (or lack of), the versatile garment is the obvious choice that adds character everytime. Versatility in a maternity garments also means that you can wear it everyday throughout your pregnancy, and that the breastfeeding access is integrated and foolproof.


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