Environment and CSR

LOVE MILK factory visit

The environment, health and well being for all and everyone involved in Love Milk is incredibly important to us. Our business is run with respect, cooperation and consideration for the environment and people. We constantly work to improve all steps and parts of our work.

We have been using environmentally friendly and organic textiles in our products from day one. Since the Autumn/Winter 2014 range, all our textiles, including the textile and print dyes, are certified by GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard), which is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.

Our bamboo fabric comes from Tenbro™, who produces the highest quality and most environmentally friendly type of bamboo textiles available. They are certified by FSC, OCIA and Öko-tex.

All our production takes place in the European part of Istanbul in Turkey. By keeping our production within Europe we areensured the factory complies with European regulations when it comes to handling and using harmful substances as well as working conditions on the factories.

We only receive two deliveries per year, to reduce transport. We never fly our goods in, but instead they are co-transported in a truck, together with other goods that are heading the same way. The truck uses trains and ships most of the way and only drives when it's necessary.

We visit the factories every season, to overlook production and working conditions, find out about news in the textile world, go through new designs and the fit of our garments, and make sure the process from sketch to finished product is as smooth as possible.