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A cookie is a type of message sent from our web server to your web browser, which then stores the information for later use. The cookie itself does not contain any personal information, such as your email address or your name, but is only used to enhance and simplify your visit to our site. The cookie will not affect your computer in any way. There are two types of cookies; session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporarily stored on your web browser when you are visiting our site, and erased when the browser is closed. Session cookies will not collect any information from your computer and typically store information in the form of a session identification that does not personally identify the user.

Persistent cookies are stored on your hard drive until it expires or until you delete the cookie. Persistent cookies are used to make your visit to our site easier, by for example saving your cart and your login details. The main purpose is to enhance your recurring visits.

Our cookies are also used to supply us with reliable statistics of our user flows, which can help us not only to maintain, but also to improve the services we offer our visitors. We will not use cookies for any other commercial purposes.

Love Milk Maternity’s web site uses Google Analytics from Google as our analytics tool, as well as Facebook. These are services that also use cookies. For example Facebook uses their cookies to allow you to see which of your friends already like Love Milk Maternity on Facebook.

To sum up, our cookies are used to make life easier for you as a visitor and for us. If you continue to browse our web site we assume that you approve of receiving our cookies.

Read here about how we handle personal data.

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